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Timber trails can be a great way for children to learn co-ordination and physical balance whilst also having plenty of fun.

We are a team of timber trail installers with a passion for making fun, fluid, and functional play spaces for locations like public parks and schoolyards.

We offer a variety of highly customisable timber trails designed for both healthy fun and physical learning.

Why Use Us?

We are accredited timber trim trail installers who understand how to construct a range of play areas, boasting certifications from major organisations like CHAS and Constructionline.

Why Use Us in Market Harborough

With over 10 years of experience installing timber trails in Leicestershire, alongside a variety of other play equipment, we understand how to offer the best available timber trail items for each client.

We are competitive on price due to our great relationships with suppliers of timber trail items and materials and focus on in-house installation to keep our prices low.

Types of Timber Trim Trails Equipment for Schools

There are many ways to build timber trails in the UK, with many different timber trail items that can vary the designs and layouts.

We offer a wide range of timber trail items, allowing clients to customise each timber trail based on their needs.

Timber Trails Costs Market Harborough

The cost of a timber trail can often range between £500 to well over £5,000, depending on the timber trail items you choose.

This cost will vary dramatically based on the timber trail itself since no two trails are going to be identical.

Timber Trails Costs in Market Harborough

This price range changes based on:

  • The amount of timber trail items you choose to install
  • The complexity of those individual items
  • The path that all timber trail items have to take to follow one another
  • Other complications, like safety details or additions that need to be included for spaces like public parks

Where are Timber Trails Installed?

Timber trails can be installed in a wide range of locations, including:

  • Schools
  • Public parks
  • Leisure centres
  • Hospital exteriors
  • Nature walks
  • Private land
  • Community play spaces

Benefits of Timber Trails

Timber trails can provide a range of benefits over conventional exercise equipment in spaces like public parks, such as:

Variety – A more diverse range of exercise options can help children develop and play in a wider range of ways.

Safety – Trails are designed for safety, meaning that children can balance and climb on safe surfaces rather than random logs or trees they find.

Flexibility – Most trails are simply a chain of different pieces that follow one another, meaning that each product you include can open up new play options.

Reliability – We can provide trails with steel feet made using strong wood, which can add extra strength to each piece.

What is a Timber Trim Trail?

A timber trim trail is a trail of different exercise frames or structures made from timber, essentially creating an obstacle course.

These pieces can be arranged in almost any order, with each one often being a distinct product.

These trails are a way to add multiple exercise options to a single space, such as public parks.

Instead of trying to add a balance beam, add a climbing frame and add monkey bars separately, a trail is a way to add many different play features in one area.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Timber Trials For?

Timber trails are perfect for younger children. They add a great exercise space but also add plenty of room for physical learning.

The fact that they add a whole trail of activities can also add some extra chances for older children to have some fun.

Timber trails add a lot of activities into one space. 

Not everything they add will be ideal for each child, but they add enough to make them a product worth including in an outdoor space.

Who should install timber trails, steel feet, etc?

Timber trails are best installed by professionals. 

While some may be simple, they need to be installed in the right way to add proper safety benefits.

This may include needing to add additional safety measures depending on the location and timber trail layout.

Where should I choose what to include in a timber trail?

If you are not sure what to order to add to your trail, talk with experts.

While you can add any number of features, the more you add, the more expensive and complex the trail becomes.

It is best to add variety, especially if you want to add a trail that appeals to a lot of children.

When you order something to add to a trail, it does not need to be a perfect fit.

Many trails add a lot of different pieces together with gaps between them, leaving a lot of flexibility to add the features you want.

Just remember to check everything you want to add so you do not try to add something that might be too complicated for the age range you are targeting.

Look at images and descriptions along with seeking help from experts if you are not sure what something is.

timber trails faqs in Market Harborough

Why are timber trails worth it?

Timber trails add a lot of exercise and play equipment for children in a single place.

This lets you add a whole playground in a small area and can add a lot to an existing playground as well.

While trails may cost more than just choosing to add a single swing or climbing frame, they also add plenty of value in terms of activities.

How do you install timber trails?

These trails are best installed by professionals.

While installing them simply means getting them embedded into the ground and secured in place, professionals can add extra touches to make them safer and more durable.

When do timber trails need repaired?

Trails should be repaired whenever they suffer obvious damage and checked at least once per year.

Experts like us can add extra coatings to minimize potential wear and tear to trails, but eventually, they will still need to be repaired.

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

  • BS EN 1177 – surfacing needs to be appropriate to the critical fall height and add proper protection for children falling from each product
  • BS 7188 – the playground features need to have (or add) resistance to abrasive wear


We can offer a wide range of product types and optional features to help clients add the perfect timber trail to their outdoor space, whether they want to add more features to a park playground or just want to add something extra to a school field.

Our team can guide you through each of the product types, helping you add the right features to your new trail with excellent service and a highly accurate price quote for each choice you make.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch today and talk to our experts.

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“TimberTrails exceeded our expectations in every way. We hired them to design and build a custom timber playground structure for our public park, and they delivered outstanding results. Their team was professional, creative, and easy to work with throughout the project. The final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and safe for children to play on. We’ve received numerous compliments from park visitors, and the timber trail has become a popular attraction in our community. Thank you, TimberTrails, for your exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail!”

Sarah Johnson



“I can’t say enough good things about TimberTrails. We engaged them to construct a bespoke timber veranda for our garden, and the end result is stunning. From the initial design phase to the final installation, their team demonstrated professionalism and expertise every step of the way. The veranda not only enhances the beauty of our outdoor space but also provides a comfortable and inviting area for relaxation and entertaining. We’re thrilled with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail that TimberTrails provided. Highly recommend!”

David Wilson


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